Shoreline Was Just a Ghost

Holidays always allow you to escape your current situation for a period of time, many of which also, either by design or accident, allow you to take on a new life…even if it is for only a short, defined period of time. For my third visit to San Francisco my friend Russ and I (thanks to some amazing friends) got to live and experience San Francisco for 10 days in a way, a sense, that we had lived there for many years.

From the off we were welcome and surrounded by a group of friends letting us in to the city, be that out drinking in bars, skating from one side of the city to the other, lurking for hours in Deluxe, getting to know and understand some of the skate spots, hanging on corners playing skate and drinking from brown bags, eating in local haunts and sitting on the beach.

We really didn’t want to come home but the truth is…holiday life is but temporary and it is because of that you live it at high volume, high colour, high contrast. It can’t last forever but hopefully it can be experienced again from time to time.

San Francisco
Olympus OM10
Colour, B&W & Slide 35mm Film.