‘Circumference’ was focused on the creative photographic process, as opposed to the final, physical result. Setting off by bike from the end of South Parade Pier in Southsea with just one roll of B&W film, stills camera and darkroom equipment & chemicals in my backpack. The journey’s route was around the coastal edge of Portsea Island which contains much of the city, stopping and capturing locations that help define the island and the city’s identity, their history and the underlying theme of strength.

Returning to the starting point some hours later with the roll of film completely exposed, a temporary darkroom was unloaded from the backpack on the beach and the development process begun. To directly and physically tie the island in to the images seawater was used in the final part of the process in developing the roll of film.

The final piece is a collage of the images laid out in rough geographic positions, building a loose map of the island based on the viewer’s familiarity with it’s circumference edge. The final work was entered in to the Strong Island exhibition at the Round Tower in Old Portsmouth.

Nikon FE2
B&W 35mm Film.