5am Japan

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5am Japan

I think everyone has a mental (or physical) list of places they would wish to visit one day and near the top of mine was Japan. With images ingrained from films of the 80s, artwork from the 90s (Evan Hecox) and skate magazine articles and skate videos…I wanted to explore myself. I got that chance when I had a commercial film & photography project that allowed me to work in Japan for one week, principally Toyama on the west coast bit I did get 24 hours in Tokyo.

With the focus of the trip on a film & photography project for marine multinational Wartsila I had to figure out a way to explore with my 35mm film camera too. I ended up leaving the hotel at 5am and walking & exploring until 6-6:30am before showering, breakfast and then a 12-14 hour working day. It meant I got to see the city as it awoke and discover districts (like the red light district, see below) in unusual ways. The streets were quiet, sometimes wet, and despite walking miles with my camera it always felt like I barely scratched the surface. A flying visit to Tokyo before heading home was the same, so so much to discover…but I feel blessed to have the photos and of course the memories bring back.

Toyama and Tokyo | Japan | Nikon FE2 | Colour and B&W 35mm Film

Storm in the Red Light District

One 5am morning it was raining heavily with a storm hitting Toyama, so I grabbed some b&w film and headed out the door to explore with my camera around the now deserted red light district. At one point I had to shelter in a doorway with the rain creating a road of hazy water of the raindrops hitting the ground and splashing up.

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